- the affordable 3D tracking system

The AmfiTrack electromagnetic (EMF) tracking system can be used for a wide range of applications. Key system features are full six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking, high precision, low system components cost, easy installation, and no line-of-sight issue, which as a very notable advantage compared to camera based tracking systems.

Amfitrack 6DOF EMF

The AmfiTrack technology is unique in the way it is engineered from scratch. The use of latest generation cost effective electronics components enables the AmfiTrack system to become very price competitive.

AmfiTrack engineers succeeded in scaling down the system components, making system component sizes smaller than ever before seen. The key factors of cost and size opens up for the use of electromagnetic tracking within a whole new range of products, eg. in the consumer market.

But, make no mistake, the AmfiTrack system still delivers uncompromised precision and reliability for the most demanding applications.

Please also note that the AmfiTrack technology is customizable, making it ideal for integration into our clients own products.

New features, application examples and system demos are featured on the AmfiTrack Youtube channel.

AmfiTrack 6DOF EMF

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